Music concerts that connect hearts.

Bringing music to life.

SMA Nirvana brings music to uplift the spirits of people who struggle with illness, pain, or a lonely heart.
SMA Nirvana partners with hospitals, care centres, senior-citizen communities to stage free online concerts by musicians—concerts that reach the joy of music to those most in need.

SMA Nirvana Community
Making a sound connection.

SMA Nirvana brings people together as one community.

A community that bonds over music, discovers shared interests, gives each other companionship.

And they sing along, they dance, they express themselves—spontaneously.
Uplifted, they forget their troubles, their worries.

If you are a Care Centre.
Would you love to bring the joy of music to the people in your care?
Enroll your centre for an SMA Nirvana concert.

If you are a Musician.

Would you love to perform your music to people whose need for music is dire?
Sign up to become a Musician of SMA Nirvana.  

Donate for the cause. 

Shankar Mahadevan Academy provides free interactive music concerts
for people battling terminal diseases, loneliness, depression and other mental ailments.
All donations for SMA Nirvana will help us expand our
network of hospitals, terminal care centres and hospices, and bring music to the people who need it.

Shankar Mahadevan Academy Trust is a non-profit organisation.
If you are an Indian taxpayer, your donations are tax exempted
under 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act.


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