Donate for the Cause
Shankar Mahadevan Academy provides free musical sessions to people battling terminal diseases, loneliness, depression and other mental ailments. All donations for SMA Nirvana will help us expand our network of hospitals, terminal care centres and hospices and bring music to the people who need it.
Shankar Mahadevan Academy Trust is a non-profit organisation. If you are an Indian taxpayer, your donations are tax exempted under 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act. 

When music becomes a beautiful means to an end.
Millions of people live each day knowing they have an illness that has no cure. Illnesses like cancer, organ failure, or a fading memory that erases their human connections. SMA Nirvana brings music in their lives through free performances and collaborative sessions by our teachers, students and ambassadors. So that they greet every new day with a song on their lips and joy in their hearts.

And they live better despite their struggles.

We saw this in two pilot sessions of SMA Nirvana: First, with a terminal illness care centre at Bengaluru, Karnataka for its people who battle life-threatening diseases; next, at the NSCI Dome in Mumbai, for people afflicted by cancer and COVID-19.

We saw how music cheers these individuals, uplifts them, and takes them into a space where they want to be. And when you are in that space of joy, you cope better with your condition. Your outlook of day-to-day life improves. You become more engaged with others. Music kindles spirit.

Sessions that send their spirits soaring.
Our sessions are designed for fun. Songs can get people in their elements. So our sessions have a mix of songs—familiar songs they can sing along, songs with encouraging messages, songs they can act out and sing. The kind of songs where they can identify how they are feeling in that moment. So that they can sing along and express that feeling. Then, music connects hearts and uplifts spirits

Let’s make songs their destination.
Partner Institutions.
Book our sessions.

Plan music sessions to light up the lives of the individuals who live in your care center. Bring the light at the end of that dark tunnel called loneliness.
Performing artists.
Raise funds through a ticketed show.

Music is what you do to make a living. Now your music can make someone’s life worth living. Perform a concert and share the proceeds of the show with centers that care for people living with terminal illness.

Donate equipment.

Help create a jamming space in a center. Contribute pieces of equipment that enable the centers to hold sessions for their people.

Donate your money.

Contribute your funds to help us suapport more centers. No amount is too small. If you enjoy music, even one small action can spread the joy of music.
Become an Ambassador.

Do you sing and play music to your inner circle of close ones? Here is a chance to widen that circle. Sign up to conduct sessions in select centers. Sing for a cause.