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Indian Donors

Shankar Mahadevan Academy Trust is a non-profit organisation. The donations you make will qualify for an 80G exemption. The Trust will issue 80G certificates for all donations made in INR.

Overseas Donors

All donations from the US can be sent via Zelle at 
Varasiddhi is a non-profit organization that has tax exempt status. Its application for 501(c)(3) has been filed, accepted, and is pending approval. After the application is approved, Varasiddhi will issue tax deduction certificates for all USD donations.

Let’s keep their dreams afloat.

Yesterday, they were rising stars—sought-after musicians or teachers of music. They dedicated their lives to music, gave pleasure and learning to thousands. Today, they are old; life is hard. Music doesn’t come easy, when every day is a struggle to make ends meet. Let's now step in. Through SMA Muskurahat.

Now music will give back to their lives.

Through fundraising concerts, events and donations, SMA Muskurahat will build a corpus of funds. This corpus will give back to the musicians and teachers of music who brightened the lives of many with their art and their zest for music. So that these artists become able to take care of their life's essentials and meet vital expenses. And face struggles and setbacks in their lives with self-respect and security and muskurahat (a smile).

SMA Muskurahat presents Doctors to Musicians.
On November 26, 2020, Thanksgiving Day, watch a concert called Doctors to Musicians, brought to you by Shankar Mahadevan Academy and ShreeKrithi School of Music, our Partner based in Texas, in the US. In this concert, a few Doctors from the US will sing their favourite Indian Movie Songs dedicated to struggling aged-musicians in India. Shankar Mahadevan will mentor them during their performance. If you love Movie Songs, watch this show to take away entertainment and learning. SMA Muskurahat will ensure that every dollar raised from this concert will make an impact on the lives of struggling aged-musicians.
Shree Krithi Music School from Houston, Texas will be supporting SMA Muskurahat - particularly by some of the Doctors who are students of music in this school for the Thanksgiving Day campaign - "Doctors for Musicians"!

Meet the Participants of the Doctors-to-Musicians program