Music learning for seniors


Age is only a number

To learn music age is no barrier. They only need to feel up to it in spirit. It’s never too late for them to start over or to pick up the thread they let go in their growing years. Gift your elderly grandparents, parents, aunts or uncles the joy of learning music. 

And you’ll gift them lasting moments of peace and joy every day. Your reward is when they sing you a new number they’ve just learnt.

It’s a beautiful stage of life

Sivaramakrishnan Krishna Iyer, 92 years, Mumbai

About two years ago, thanks to a nudge from our friend Sridhar Ranganathan, Founder and CEO of Shankar Mahadevan Academy, I ventured into learning to sing three krithis — Carnatic music, of course! A krithi is a type of composition in Carnatic music. Though I had crossed 90 years of age, feeling up to it in body and spirit, I took it up wholeheartedly. I felt in me the meaning of the words “it’s never too late to come to music”



Imagine all the fun they’ll have in their rocking chairs

Get personalized coaching online

Pick a course tailored to the needs and interests of the seniors in your family. Watch them enjoy learning songs of their choice over 12 one-on-one online sessions.

Start a center for seniors

Seniors feel sheer joy when they come together and learn music as a group. So start a center at your institution, and have our teachers teach your group.

Watch them sing and share their Joy of Music