Transform learning through art, activity, music

Learning through art. Not by heart

Children learn better when their learning is tied to art, activity and music. That’s because art, activity and music engage their emotions and feelings as much as their brain. Their learning then becomes magical, memorable, fun. And lasts lifelong. 


Transform the way people learn. 

Empower people to design their own lives

Design of Life follows a simple three-step path:

One: Turn children and young adults into better learners, by making learning fun, active, engaging.
Two: Take them through a set of core topics. Then, allow them to pick elective topics of their interest. Lay the foundation of learning that prepares them to face life.
Three: Give them a choice of skill-based topics to build a pathway from that solid foundation to the profession of their choice.


9 themes that keep learners grounded.

And well-rounded

Design of Life has 9 themes that kindle minds from ages 2 to 17. 

There are things children learn at school. So there are themes like mathematical logic and scientific reasoning — and DoLs for arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, physics, chemistry, biology.

There are things they learn outside school. How do we express our feelings, thoughts, ideas, for instance. So there are themes like art and music, language and grammar, communication and collaboration. 

There are things they are naturally curious about. How were our ancestors and our early civilisations like? So there are themes like civilisation and history of the world.

There are things they dream about and want to accomplish in their lifetime. How do I make this world better? And how do I make a living doing that? So there are themes like money and banking, and finance and entrepreneurship.

Then, there are deeper questions in life. How we develop character and integrity? How do we cultivate values, and give voice to those values? So there are themes like values and character.

Destinations of Learning.

Prepare them for life

Take the bite off mosquitoes

Health (Age: 10 years and above)
Learn how to prevent mosquito-borne diseases through a dance drama.

Measurements that matter

Mathematics (Age: 10 years and above)

Get a measure of objects, places and people through craft work. 

Arithmetics of selling veggies

Mathematics (Age: 10 years and above)

Faster, more accurate number skills through a veggie-market role play.

Building blocks of force and motion

Physics (Age: 13 years and above)
Learn about forces and Newton’s laws of motion through a Lego kit.

Wash your hands off litter and dirt

Health (Age: 10 years and above)

Learn about hygiene and cleanliness through storytelling.


How you can get involved


Here are three ways you can get involved:
Become a Facilitator.
You only need two qualities: Passion and Expertise. If you want to share both, join our team of Learning Facilitators. We would love to work with you. Talk to us today.

And help us meet our program costs.

Share your expertise.
And help us improve our program content. Share your expertise in any of these areas: Content creation, Dance forms, Dramatics, Learning-activities, Games, Toy-making, Costumes, Makeup, Accessories. Do get in touch.


Here are three ways to support Design of Life:
Sponsor Design of Life.
Use your CSR funds to help an institution or community you support to benefit from Design of Life. 

Support your employees.
Encourage your employees to become Learning Facilitators. Encourage them to ignite the minds of millions of underprivileged children and young adults, by taking Design of Life to where they live. 

Mobilise your brand to do good.
Give your brand an active and specific role in any of these areas: move Facilitators to the site of learning – travel, lodging, fuel; donate in-kind the consumables we use in the program – materials, activities, games, teach kits, costumes, makeup, accessories.

Non-profit institutions

Adopt Design of Life.
Reach this radically new way of learning to a village or urban community center that you support.


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