Create social change through music
The Shankar Mahadevan Academy Trust runs contests from time to time to find good lyricists, talented singers, and musicians. The contest winners then come together to produce music videos that spread social awareness around causes that need mass attention. Watch our latest release - Humari Zameen - to raise awareness of the damage being made to our planet by the use of single-use plastic, and to pledge to put an end to it. 

When the message is a song,
people move along

Any social movement thrives on a message that makes people aware and spurs them to act. Awareness needs a vehicle, to spread. When you choose a song as that vehicle, awareness can ride far. Songs appeal to the heart. When a song calls out people to act, the message strikes a chord.

Songs that are a call to action


Humari Zameen

Pledge to stop single use plastic. Our Earth, Our Responsibility.

In It to Win It

Cancer affects not just the patients but also their loved ones and friends. Together we can fight this.

Shanti Ki Hogi Jai

Imagine no violence; where arms are raised only to extend help to people in need. Let all communities live in harmony.

Chaka Chak

Cleanliness has a sweeping effect. And over time the entire country will become clean. It’s all in our hands.


Put a bolt on child labour. And open the doors to learning. Children have a right to education.

Garv Se Jiyenge

Ability takes many forms based on how has Nature endowed us. That variety is what makes life beautiful.

Garv Se Jiyenge – Sign language

Another version of Garv Se Jiyenge, featuring sign language and subtitles.


A call to end discrimination against the girl child. A girl, with her affectionate presence, is the very essence of humanity.

Mujhse Hogi Shuruvat

I will not give into corruption. Every change I want to see will start with me doing it. Let’s dispel darkness from our lives.

Have a cause that is close to your heart?

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