Music learning for children with special needs

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Donations from India

Click the button below for donations from India. Shankar Mahadevan Academy Trust is a non-profit organisation. The donations you make will qualify for an 80G exemption. The Trust will issue 80G certificates for all donations made in INR (Indian Rupees).

Help them live life on a high note

Children living with autism spectrum disorders respond positively to music. They get extreme joy when they are exposed to music, when they can sing, when they can perform. Just by letting their voices be heard, we can cultivate moments of extreme joy in their lives.


Watch them perform

Choose from two program formats 

Get personalised coaching online

Choose a course that is tailored to your child's needs and interests, and conducted over 12 one-on-one online sessions.

Join a choir at our center

An ideal choice for children who would enjoy music more by being part of a choir. This course is currently available only at our Bangalore center.


Want to watch Joyful Choir in action? 

Drop in to at our centre


Ways you can get involved 

Give to a child

We all remember peak moments in our lives. Vividly. Create those moments of sheer joy in the lives of children with special needs. Give Joyful Choir to your child today. Or gift it to a child who has special needs.

Give to a school

Contribute your funds. Start a Joyful Choir in a school that you run or that you financially support. Make their moments at school special. Very special.

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