Music learning for underprivileged children

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Equal opportunity for every child to learn music

Their talent in music is their wealth — and theirs alone. No matter where they were born or how deep their pockets. But talent in kids, to grow, needs nurture; and to blossom, needs a platform. 
Inspire India Project aspires to give both. And why not? Talent can be born anywhere. So, music lessons should go everywhere.

Music, an instrument of social change

Inspire India does not stop at just building their musical skills. Learning to sing or play an instrument helps disadvantaged children to find their voice. It turns them into well-rounded individuals: confident, poised, practised in being front of an audience. Socially healthier, happier. 

And who knows? From these schools may arise a music maestro of the future. 


Start from the first cry. Learn lifelong

A wide array of programs that help children grow with music. So they can pick what appeals to their hearts and interests.

Inspire India’s courses have a duration of 12 weeks. These courses work ideally for long-duration programs that run into multiple units — such as Hindustani or Carnatic Classical Vocal music. Children can complete the whole classical music program by the time they pass out of school. 

Families with a yellow or orange ration card can learn at Inspire India Centers for a nominal fee.

What defines a center is the circle around

Inspire India is intended to serve children from poor families. So we open our centers right in the heart of the areas where these families throng — take Dharavi or Govandi in Mumbai. Now what can be better than turning these areas into talent hubs of music?

Sion Center

DS High School 99/101, Scheme No VI Road No 24 Mumbai 400022

Govandi Center

Govandi Education Society Govandi Station Road Patwardhan Colony, Govandi East Mumbai 400088

Chembur Center

Ramakrishna Chemburkar Marg, Sindhi Colony Road, Chembur(East), Next to Fertiliser Township monorail station, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400074

How can you pitch in?

Sponsor a center

We have, so far, offered Inspire India Project from 4 centers located in Bengaluru and Mumbai. And from these centers we have touched the lives of 2000 families. 

With your funding, we can spread Inspire India to newer places and benefit thousands of families more. 

Donate any amount you can

Help build a pool of funds that we will use to enrich thousands of lives through music. Gift children the joy of learning to sing or play an instrument over 12 face-to-face sessions with our music teachers.

Gift in memory of

Gift a course to an underprivileged child — in memory of someone dear to you. You can dedicate your gift toward any occasion: birthday, wedding anniversary or memorial. 

The amount you can donate via this card is Rs 2500. And that amount will sponsor a full year’s music course to a child who will remain forever grateful to you.

Gift an instrument

We have seen that many kids don’t pick a course simply because they cannot afford an instrument. Guitars are a classic example. 

Gift a musical instrument to Inspire India. Enable the children to pick the course that’s closest to their hearts. Become an instrument of change.

Whenever they perform, they light up the stage

From small things, all big things grow 

We run the Inspire India Project at 2 centers in Mumbai today. We want to open thousands of centers with a presence across the country. 
It’s a project of marathon proportions. We are building the core, sharpening our tools, putting all the elements in place. It’s now time to step up the tempo.